Professional PR for Companies of All Sizes

The simple lanyard has progressed from merely being a means of holding an identity card into a multifaceted accessory that offers fantastic publicity and public relations opportunities. A Singapore based PR organisation will find uses for high quality printed lanyards in a great many areas of its operations. PR conventions and conferences will present ideal opportunities for a forward thinking company to get its name circulated amongst an extremely wide audience. As well as being great publicity tools, lanyards now also function as USB sticks, wine glass holders and a whole host of other things besides.

Finding a Good PR Company

When searching for a good public relations company, you will almost certainly find that the Internet will provide the most comprehensive results. A quick Google search will turn up a list of PR candidates from which you can take your time in selecting the most appropriate. While you are online, you might also like to order some woven lanyards for that upcoming convention. By handing out lanyards that are printed with your company’s name, you can make the very most of conferences and other corporate events. Once you have located a good PR company, you will then be free to focus on your core business values.

The Benefits of Good Public Relations

Professional PR services as well as personalised and custom printed lanyards can be extremely useful in helping you to get your message across. After all is said and done, good PR is merely about letting people know just how good you are. In this respect, high quality printed lanyards can be of immense assistance. Whether you are involved in finance or construction, your PR mission can be greatly aided by the use of accessories that inform people of exactly who you are, what you do and how well you do it. The widespread use of lanyards can help to increase your profile and add value to your stock in the eyes of existing clients and potential customers alike.


The modern lanyard is a truly innovative accessory that can be used to great effect in any promotional or PR campaign. Whilst doubling as pen or mobile phone holders, woven lanyards that are printed with your company’s logo will serve as effective billboards in a great many areas of daily life. Even if you are not currently in the middle of a vigorous PR campaign, the modern lanyard should be considered an indispensible accessory.