The Role of Visual Imagery in Commerce and Trade

If you have ever stopped in the middle of the street just to gaze up at an eye-catching billboard, then you've already experienced the power of visual imagery. In fact, you are not alone because many people around the world have had the same experience too. This is not really surprising, considering that pictures and videos have become an important part of modern commerce and can be seen almost anywhere nowadays.

But why do businesses love to use commercial videos and or hire advertising photographers when creating their adverts? One reason for this is that human beings are inherently visual creatures. Experts have found out that around one-half of the brain is dedicated to visual function and that it processes visual information approximately 60,000 times faster than written data. Because of this, you may respond better to images compared to plain text, and your attention may be easily grabbed by poignant photos and videos.

In today's fast-paced world though, visual imagery does not only catch your interest but also helps you quickly find the information that you need. If you drive by a billboard that features plumbing services, for example, you can instantly know where to find a qualified plumber. Through this easily digestible info, you can focus on living your life instead of spending precious time on looking for information.

Because of the benefits that it brings, visual imagery has left a huge impact on society. In fact, there are many photos, videos, and advertising campaigns that have remained famous even though they have been published or aired a long time ago. One case in point is the 1999 TV commercial by Diageo, which featured surfers and white horses and was used to promote Guinness draught beer. Another example is Albany Life's 1983 print advert, which encouraged husbands to get insurance plans for their wives.

With these, it is easy to see that visual imagery has a huge role in today's modern world. Through it, you can broaden your horizons and find ways to make your life easier and more bearable.

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